What our members and suppliers are saying about us


GMG is a powerful weapon

 "Since we joined GMG Group last year we have found our membership most useful. In particular access to your supplier network has enabled our department heads and buyers to compare and benchmark costs over a very comprehensive range of golf club supplies.  Our membership of GMG is a powerful weapon in the battle to contain, control and reduce cost and is appreciated as a valuable component of our budgetary control process".


Robert Nesbitt, The Wisley

Money well spent !

Having joined the Golf Management Group in November 2011 I am delighted with the professional and personal service provided by the South East representative, Ian Howieson, and hope to have a long and happy association with the Group. 

In the short time that the club have been involved with the Group we have identified savings in the following areas merchant services, scorecards, stationery and waste management services which will bring a saving IRO of £3,500 over the next 15 months. 

There is no hard sell to use the suppliers available to clubs and it might be that we will only use a small percentage of them this year, but as you can see our bottom line will be better for it.

£149 well spent

Chris Cooper, Shooters Hill Golf Club

Saves Time

" We were introduced to GMG last year and have already experienced the benefits they bring to a small club like ours. In addition to the buying leverage, the opportunity to measure our existing arrangements against others in the marketplace not only saves time but builds confidence in what we are doing as a club."

Keith Robinson, North Downs Golf Club

Thank you.

Just a quick note to thank you regarding you reminding me of the free consultation regarding the solicitors within the group. I did contact them and they have helped us along the correct avenue, so thank you. I am hoping to embrace more from the group in the near future.

Barry Lewis - OldhamGolf Club

I strongly advise anyone associated with golf management to give them a chance.

I am the proprietor of Carus Green Golf Club, I have recently started using Golf Management Group. The idea of a specialist buying group for independent golf clubs is long overdue. In the short time I have dealt with GMG I have already saved truly staggering amounts on a range of products from golf lockers to beverages. I strongly advise anyone associated with golf management to give them a chance. You won't regret it.

Graham Curtin, Carus Green Golf Club

It has already worked for us in making savings and seeing the GMG discount on invoices serves as a reminder

"All golf club managers, secretaries, and head green keepers believe that they are getting the best price from their suppliers, and we can all become complacent and stay with those that we know and have developed a relationship with and fail to notice how prices have risen citing quality of product and personnal service as reasons for not looking elsewhere.

When Phil Aitken introduced North Manchester Golf Club to Golf Management Group it was a real eye-opener as to how we could improve our cost savings.

Phil went through everything we had from fuel to photocopiers, laundry to locker-rooms, course equipment to online booking systems to show us not only where we could save money but also where we could source new and different products to use and give us a competitive edge in this highly competitive market.

It has already worked for us in making savings and seeing the GMG discount on invoices serves as a reminder.

Even if there is something we are looking for that isn’t listed, Phil has been able to steer us in the right direction with his extensive network of contacts.

North Manchester Golf Club has seen the benefits and is more than happy to continue working with Golf Management Group and recommend joining GMG to other golf clubs in the future."

Ged Heaslip , North Manchester GC

Overall, savings made in the first month of membership have covered the annual subscription fee!

In some instances we have changed suppliers who have registered with the group. We have also been able to use the rates negotiated by GMG as a yardstick to ensure that we are getting competitive rates in all areas of our purchasing operation.

Peter Greville - Wirral Ladies Golf Club

Simply, I have been Treasurer for 6 years and joining GMG was one of the best things I have done!

However what I did not expect was the brilliant service we have had from GMG and from David Valentine in particular, the ability to go through our supplier list and costs and identify where we could make substantial savings by switching and put quality new suppliers in touch with us, saving us months of work has been invaluable. I have also been impressed with the suppliers we have been introduced to they genuinely seem to want a relationship with our golf Club and to work with us to minimize cost and maximize benefit. -

John Sandford - Cheadle Golf Club

Eyes wide open

We have been on board only a month and saved more than £950!

Danny Youd – Director of Golf Marland GC

Making great savings

"After listening to what service GMG had to offer us, it was a no-brainer decision to sign up with them. I made a saving of the subscription fee in the first month after placing 5 orders through GMG. I look forward to working with the team at GMG in the future, and helping us drive down the cost of managing and maintaining our golf courses."

Paul Murray - Golf Courses Manager Trafford Leisure/Altrincham & William Wroe GC

Thank you Formby...

GMG have grasped a concept which the golf industry should have had 10 years ago. Formby Golf Club applaud them for their initiative and foresight.

Mark Betteridge – Formby Golf Club