Frequently Asked Questions

Registered my golf clubs interest, what next?

One of the team will give you a call to answer any questions you may have. We aim to demonstrate during this conversation how GMG will save at least treble your annual subscription. We will give you an example of where savings will be made and an informed decision based on this can be made by yourself as to whether you wish to join the group.

How much can our golf club expect to save?

This will vary depending on how many categories you choose to utilise. We have a vast array of categories covered from utilities to the latest grass machinery. Every club is different however we do have companies aligned to the group who will guarantee your golf club savings.

Does GMG control who we purchase from?

You are under no obligation to use any GMG preferred supplier. Of course, the more you trade the more you save but we do not dictate. What you will find is that every supplier we align to has national coverage and is offering a price to the group that beats any stand alone price.

How do I start to make savings?

Simply send us some information related to your existing arrangements and we will report back potential savings or you can access all supplier offers and contact details via the members area of our website. Alternatively we can carry out a benchmarking audit across a number of cost centres, compile a report identifying where the biggest opportunities lie for savings, and help you to migrate to those suppliers

How do I order and pay for my goods?

You keep your independence. All ordering and payment of goods and services is done by the individual golf club. All approved suppliers are informed of your inclusion by us immediately and apply discounts accordingly.

How much does it cost?

We charge an annual fee of £149 plus VAT. We guarantee that if we don't demonstrate a saving of at least treble this, we will refund your membership fee in full.

Does the golf club keep all the savings generated?

Absolutely! Our business is about making golf clubs as many savings as possible.

How do we make our money?

We generate our revenue from membership fees plus we receive a small rebate from our supplier related to sales generated, however this does not impact on your prenegotiated discounted terms.

What if I feel my pricing is already good?

We do not doubt that you have already negotiated fantastic prices for you golf club. Economies of scale are the reason we have been able to achieve such fantastic rates and services with our approved suppliers. These prices will become apparent during our initial chat. If you do feel you currently get the best prices, why not give us a call to make sure. It won't cost you anything!

What happens if I have a problem with any of the suppliers in the future?

If you have any concerns relating to either the pricing or service you receive from any GMG approved supplier we would encourage you to contact the GMG head office immediately. With a collective potential purchasing spend of over £500 million we do have leverage with suppliers which can benefit you in both price and service.